Quick. Simple. Mess-Free.

Packaged in a convenient, all-in-one system, the VarnishPen replaces sticky foil packets, varnish pools and brush sticks. Say goodbye to double-dipping with a mess-free applicator that sends varnish from brush-to-teeth with a quick twist and easy press.

This is a great application process. It’s more convenient because it’s not two handed so you can retract with your finger or thumb. It’s terrific, I love it!

Sherri Foran, RDH, BSDH, MPA

Meet the Future


Give yourself an extra hand. Balancing a messy varnish pool in one hand and maneuvering a sticky brush stick in the other is a thing of the past. Now you can apply fluoride varnish single-handed. Say good-bye to back and forth double dipping. Simply hold the all-in-one Varnish Pen in one hand and glide across the teeth in a single swoop.


We knew an innovative delivery system couldn’t fall short on varnish performance. So we spent three years perfecting the varnish formula in our chemical lab just outside St. Louis, MO to ensure it has the following benefits:
• Great flavors: mint, bubble-gum, grape
• No mixing: remains homogenous
• Smooth flow: no stringing or clumping
• Clear color: transparent on teeth


A proprietary SmartFlo™ bristle system was developed by Young’s sister company Microbrush® to deliver the varnish seamlessly from tube to bristles with a simple press of your finger. The advanced bristle design creates greater flare on the tooth for faster coverage. And, the slanted slender neck swivels into your preferred position of choice for greater reach and access.


From start to finish, the Varnish Pen is nearly 50% faster than the market leader. Eliminate struggles with difficult to open foil packets. Save 30 minutes a week with Varnish Pen’s two simple steps. Then use those extra minutes each day to do something just for you.


Varnish Pen improves patient experience with a quick, mess-free application and great tasting varnish that goes on smooth and clear. 93% of testers noted an improved patient experience, which could ultimately result in greater patient compliance.