What happens after I place my order?
Your order will be automatically sent to the preferred dental dealer you selected when registering your account. Your order will be fullfied directly through the dealer chosen.
Will I be charged MSRP if I place an order on your website?
Orders placed on this website will automatically be sent to your preferred dental dealer. Once your order is placed, your dealer will contact you to confirm. Pricing is subject to your dealer’s pricing structure, and they will invoice you as if you had placed the order directly with them.
I placed an order on your website but was never contacted by my preferred dealer.
Please reach out to our customer service team at customerservice@younginnovations.com. We can confirm if the order was sent to your preferred dealer and advise on next steps.
Can I pay via credit card?
Orders placed on this website will be sent directly to your preferred dental dealer for fulfillment. Your dealer will invoice you and accept payment based on your preferred payment method.
What is the product and pricing policy?
Product offering and pricing is subject to change without notice.
How do I request a Safety Data Sheet?
Most safety data sheets can be found on our Resources page. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please email customerservice@younginnovations.com to request a specific product SDS.
Can your CE courses be downloaded and viewed at a later time/date?
Our current lineup consists of all live CE webinars. However, we are exploring converting them to on-demand. We will post an update on our CE webinars page if on-demand webinars become available.
Can you send me a copy of my CE certificate?
If you completed a CE course but either did not receive a certificate or need an additional copy of your certificate, please email education@younginnovations.com.
Is international shipping available?
Please contact your preferred dental dealer for international shipping options. Shipments outside the USA may be subject to export charges, which are the responsibility of the purchaser.
How do I submit a handpiece repair request?
Please click here to submit your request for a handpiece repair.
American Eagle XP Sharpen-Free Instruments FAQs

What makes XP instruments different from standard stainless or carbon instruments?

The XP instruments undergo a patented process that hardens the stainless steel, and then encapsulates the steel with a diamond-like layer. This makes an edge that will last months without sharpening. The stroke test shows that XP Technology handles 10 times the strokes with only 1/10th the wear.

Why are XP instruments thinner than standard curettes?

There is no need to make the blade thicker to compensate for removal of material due to sharpening. Many dentists and hygienists have asked for thinner instruments for better subgingival care. The new XP Technology already ensures a super-sharp edge with a longer life.

How do we clean, sterilize and care for XP Technology?

Please see the XP Care Recommendations for complete use and care instructions. Avoid using solutions that contain Chloride, Chlorine, Sodium and Fluoride.

Do we need to take special care while using the XP instruments to get the maximum life?

Yes, XP Technology has eliminated the need to apply excess pressure. You will be able to use less force and a lighter grip. You should also avoid using them to trim margins and remove overhangs. Please review and follow the Care Recommendations.

XP instruments seem sharper. Why?

They are sharper! The XP instruments have a very fine, sharp and smooth edge that is designed to more efficiently root plane. This is why you must take care not to abuse the edge on margins, overhangs, or by burnishing difficult calculus. Let the XP do the work for you.

Do I need to change the way I scale and root plane?

You will want to slightly alter your scaling technique and take nice and easy “exploratory scaling” strokes. Since the edge is much sharper and harder than traditional instruments, the blade will do all the work and slice through calculus for you.

Will I really have better tactile sense with an XP instrument?

Yes! Since the blade is so sharp, you will find you can hold the instrument with a lighter grasp while you scale and root plane.

Can I sharpen XP instruments?

Due to a thinner blade design, we do not recommend that you sharpen your XP instrument. When they become dull, we recommend purchasing a new one.

How will I save money by using XP instruments?

The time and effort you currently spend sharpening can be used to treat more patients, or do other professional work.

Can the XP instruments help prolong my career by minimizing the chances of me getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

The industry has started to recognize that a larger-diameter, lighter-weight handle has many advantages. XP instruments from American Eagle allow for a larger handle, lighter grip and less pressure during procedures. These combined benefits can help reduce the risk of repetitive movement injuries.

Does American Eagle Instruments guarantee I will be satisfied with the XP instruments?

Absolutely. The XP instruments have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you do not feel they are the best instruments you have ever used, we will replace or refund the instruments.

How long can I expect my XP instruments to last?

Depending on frequency of use, you can expect your XP instruments to last about as long as your current stainless steel instruments, when they are used and cared for correctly.