Keep Your Hands Young

with the Young Hygiene Handpiece

From the first patient to the last, your hands are your greatest asset. So why not show them some love? The majority of all dental hygiene careers result in ergonomic discomfort, including hand and wrist pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). [1] In some cases, it’s even the reason for early retirement. That’s why appropriate instrument selection based on ergonomic design is extremely important to safely (and happily!) practice dental hygiene.

Dental hygiene ranked first among all occupations in the United States in the number of carpal tunnel syndrome cases per 1,000 employees. [2]

Nearly one-third of dental health professionals cite musculoskeletal disorders as the reason for early retirement. [3]

On average two out of three dental hygienists experienced occupational pain in the neck, shoulders, arm, wrist or hand. [4]


Grasping. Clutching. Gripping. Pinching.

There’s a lot of movement in your day that may cause tension, cramping or pain. Main points of stress include the palm, forearm, wrist and fingers. Consider a lightweight instrument that allows natural movement and keeps your hand in a neutral position. Your handpiece should rest comfortably in the ‘V’ of your hand with minimal cord drag.


Pain points aren’t just physical.

They can also come in the form of financial hardship. According to RDH Magazine, a workers’ compensation claim for carpal tunnel syndrome may cost more than replacing old or defective equipment. [5]

Approximately $131 Million was lost in income due to musculoskeletal disorders in the dental profession in 2004. [6]


• Maintain a neutral wrist position
• Avoid flexing, extending, or lateral wrist deviations
• Use handpieces with textured surfaces
• Use an evenly balanced handpiece
• Limit pinching the handpiece shaft

The Young Hygiene Handpiece allows your hand to stay in a neutral position throughout the entire polishing procedure.


• The hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder cannot tolerate constant flexion or extension
• The back cannot undergo excessive bending or twisting
• The neck was not meant to be in excessive contraction
• Muscles will fatigue if under constant tension


Too Heavy

Your hand and wrist work hard enough without the added weight of a heavy handpiece. It’s time to give it a rest!

Too Dated

Outdated equipment is difficult to use, unreliable and at times – unsafe! Do your office (and your patients) a favor with an upgrade.

Too Tangled

Cord drag… is such a drag! Say ‘goodbye’ to awkward, heavy tubing with the contra angle on the Young Hygiene Handpiece.

But the…


is just right!

Perfect Length

The length is an ideal size to fit in the hand, aiding in improved balance of the handpiece.

360° Nosecone Swivel

The engraved matte grip rotates 360 degrees, which is designed to follow natural movement and help reduce the need to shift the wrist as often during polishing.

Curved Contour

The curved contour body is designed for a natural fit and rests comfortably in the “V” of the hand.

Contra-angled Connector

The unique contra-angled connector, which attaches the handpiece to air tubing at a 45° angle is designed to help reduce cord drag aggravation and to make the handpiece feel lighter.

What are you waiting for?

Try the Young Hygiene Handpiece FREE! Request your risk-free, 30-day trial today!


Thousands of dental professionals are using and loving the Young Hygiene Handpiece. Don’t just take it from us, here are some thoughts from people who matter:

Percentage of Hygienists Who Would: [7]

  • Switch to Young:84%84%
  • Recommend Young: 89%89%

Hygienists Prefer Young: [8]


“I love my Young Hygiene Handpiece! The bend relieves the pull on your hand .. even on a busy day your hand is not stressed.”

– LeeAnn Winkler, RDH

“Love the ergonomic and lightweight design of the handpiece. It makes polishing more comfortable for the clinician and the patient!”

– Cheryl Everett Olson, RDH

“My favorite Young product is the Hygiene Handpiece. it is so light and the angle reduces the drag of the tubing. instant love!”

– Christi Binder, RDH


It’s time to take matters into your own hands. With continued use, the Young Hygiene Handpiece can reduce hand & wrist fatigue, plus lower your risk of injury or inflammation.


proudly made in the USA

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