The next little thing.
Improved Visibility. Improved Ergonomics. Improved Reach. Improved Access.
Seeing is believing.
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Product Detail
Slim neck diameter
for visibility.
Smaller neck size is designed for the clinician to see more of the working space around the prophy angle.
Ergonomic, sleek design benefits both patient and clinician.
Overall smaller prophy angle size is designed to feel more comfortable for the patient during the polishing procedure, and to decrease the amount of uncomfortable movement for the clinician.
Enhanced grip features for better reach.
Vera by Young has special grip features, which are designed for the clinician to hold the angle with minimal slipping.
Rounded head for maneuverability and access.
Young’s smallest prophy ever is designed to improve comfort on your wrist and advance maneuverability inside your patients' mounths.
Good things come in smaller packages.
Seeing is believing — experience the premium power of Vera.
Prophy Angles
Prophy Paste
Powered by baking soda.
Neutralize pH